Life as We Know It

5 Nov

Man, it has been a long time since I’ve posted.  Things have changed.

A lot.

We’re now a family of five.  Me and Joel, Clara, 5, Lucy 2.5, and Ben 5 months.  Clara is in kindergarten, learning to read, and being as spunky as ever.  Lucy is our little strawberry ginger, has a firey personality, and is such a goof.  She wants to make you laugh at all costs.  Ben is our sweet baby boy.  Much loved, long awaited.

It seems like most of our marriage has been varying in the amount of transition and waiting that we’re going through, but there’s always some transition or some waiting.  Maybe that’s normal, but it feels like we have an abnormal amount.  I mean, in 8 years, we’ve had 2 new degrees, 3 or 4 different careers, 3 kids, 3 moves (the fourth coming up next year), 2 failed attempts at the BAR, one business acquisition, started and run 3 businesses.  I kind of think that we are gluttons for punishment in some ways.  We do not do one life change at a time – we like to pile them all together for some reason.

Basically we’re crazy.

There are so many things that I want to talk about here.  Way too much for one post.  At some point I will post in more detail about the last 8 years, our story with Ben, our transition to three kids, postpartum depression, and more.  My brain is spinning with all that I want to write, but it’s too jumbled for me to sort out right now.

If you’re here, I kind of can’t believe it.  Thanks for hanging in.  There’s much more to come.

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